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I help women in the helping professions to create balance in their lives so that you can be more productive with less stress. Together we create a lifestyle that allows you to do your best work, connect with those you love, practice self-care, and make your biggest impact on our world. Dr. Kesha Moore

Turn Stress Into Success

Women are the glue in our society. Through both our paid and unpaid work, we perform labor that strengthens individuals, families, and communities. Yet, too often this caring work comes at the expense of ourselves.
This is especially true for women who work in the helping professions (education, healthcare, social work, and the nonprofit sector). Women in these professions often experience an extraordinary amount of stress, resulting from an out of balance lifestyle. This imbalanced life creates short and long-term damage to your career, health, and relationships.
Women in the helping professions often experience the following problems as a result of their inability to meet the competing demands of their work and life:
  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • Inability to practice self-care (e.g. healthy eating & exercise)
  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Strained relationships and feeling disconnected from self and others
  • Lower productivity
  • Career burn out

There are financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits to creating a balanced life. When your life is in balance you will…….

Financial Benefits:

  • Be more productive at work, earning you greater promotions and increased opportunities
  • Reclaim the time you were spending at work to spend on self-care & relationships (no longer have to pay others to take care of things you don’t have time to do yourself)
  • Avoid career burnout

Emotional Benefits:

  • Replace stress with peace and joy
  • Increase your levels of happiness and well-being
  • Improve your relationships

Physical Benefits:

  • Practice regular healthy self-care
  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Feel more energized
  • Reduce your risk of stress-related disease

Spiritual Benefits:

  • Renew your sense of purpose
  • Feel that your work and life is more meaningful
  • Make a bigger impact on the world

Signs Your Life is Out of Balance

Some women are already aware that their life is out of balance and are actively looking for a solution. However, many women are suffering from an imbalanced life, but have not accurately identified imbalance as the source of their pain. If you find yourself experiencing any of the problems below on a consistent and extended basis, an out of balance lifestyles is likely your underlying issue.
Do you:
  • have low energy levels and find yourself often feeling drained and lethargic?
  • have a list of good habits (e.g. healthy eating, exercise, prayer, meditation) that you want to do, but are not actually doing?
  • find yourself being impatient or overreacting to the situation?
  • feel like you’re not functioning according to your full potential?
  • suffer from insomnia or poor sleep habits?
  • have trouble concentrating?
  • feel disconnected or detached?
  • desire more peace and joy in your life?
  • feel unclear or disconnected from your life purpose?
If you experience some or all of these symptoms, you could benefit from creating a life of balance. I provide a range of products and services to help you transform your life into a life of balance. Click here to discover which products and services are best for you.

Is This Program Right for You?

I love using my knowledge and skills to help women create the life of their dreams. I focus on women who work in the helping professions because they are often in the most critical need for care and support. While the women I work with are already performing at a high level, I equip them to expand their platform to help even more people. My clients accomplish this by aligning their talents with their purpose. This allows them to create a life that is more balanced, successful, and personally rewarding.
The women who benefit the most from my coaching programs and services are:
  • Curious and eager to learn how they can get better
  • Hardworking and willing to put in the effort to get the results they want
  • Have a positive mindset demonstrated in a “can do” approach to problems
  • Are passionate about improving our world
If you are this kind of woman, I would love to support you in creating the life you desire!  Feel free to contact me via email (keshamoore@yourlifeinfocuscoach) or phone (505-66-FOCUS) to discuss how I can serve you. You spend so much time supporting others; this is your opportunity to support yourself. Start today! 

Why I Do This Work

I love helping women in the helping professions achieve life balance because I know personally how easily these careers can create an unhealthy and destructive lifestyle. To hear more about my own journey from stress to success, click here. But enough about me, I’d like to focus on why I am excited about helping you.
You are doing the invaluable work of connecting and building our society. You are investing in educating our children and preparing them to become productive, responsible, and engaged participants in our community. You share your time and expertise in caring for the physical and mental health of our loved ones. You make sure that our loved ones have the services and information needed for them to live long and healthy lives. You spend countless hours advocating for the vulnerable members of our community and developing better systems for us to become a more loving, just, and inclusive society. For these (and the many more) acts of care that you provide, I say THANK YOU!
Too often you do not get the thanks and appreciation that you deserve. Even when you are paid for the caring work you do, your financial compensation often does not match your effort and the value of your contribution to our world. Clearly you don’t do this work for the glory or financial reward. You do this critically important work because you genuinely care and chose to use your gifts to make a positive difference in our world.
Unfortunately, your paid and unpaid work of caring for others has come at the expense of caring for yourself. Your constant cycle of giving without receiving diminishes your resources and is unsustainable. It leads you to career burnout, chronic sickness, strained relationships, and depression.
I want to support you so you can do your important caring work better, longer, and with more joy. Together we can interrupt this cycle of diminishing returns and create a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. This new balanced life will allow you to do your best work and to reap the financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual rewards of your efforts. You support others through your professional and personal caretaking work. Now it’s time to support yourself!

How to Create A Happy, Productive, & Stress Free Life

I help women create life balance by aligning your energy and activities to support your life purpose. Not clear on your life purpose? No problem. I will help you identify your purpose with clarity and detail.
Your life purpose is your compass to successfully guide you through the process of creating a life that you love. Once you are clear on your life purpose, it will direct you through the necessary steps to creating a healthy, balanced, and successful life.
You will use your life purpose to create a life that sustains you and enables you to make your greatest contribution to the world.