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MY Transition from Busy to Productive

I am committed to helping women create businesses and lives that they love! 

Like many professional women, I struggled with the competing demands of building a successful career and high quality of life. I was stressed, overwhelmed, and disappointed with the results of all my "hard work". By applying insights from my study of science and spirituality, I created a comprehensive system of setting and achieving goals without stress.

Listen to my guest IW on The Productive Woman Podcast, where I share my own transition to overcoming overwhelm, working less, and accomplishing more.


 Michelle Alexander 

 Founder, MEA Virtual Solutions 


I wanted to move my business forward, but I needed assistance. Handholding. I’d attended online courses and webinars, but I missed the one-one-one attention. Originally price was a concern for me in looking for a coach, but now I know that it was totally worth it. I  now have a clear understanding of my business goals. Kesha helped me to get clarity on my goals and to look at things differently. She uncovered the strength that I have inside me to build a profitable business. Through her encouragement and reassurance, I was able to tackle some of my most difficult and daunting tasks. After each session with Kesha, I felt empowered and propelled forward.

 Coletta Patterson 

 Founder, MoveUForward 


Working with Kesha helped me to zero in on the pieces of my day needed to create excitement and to keep me moving forward. Kesha helped me to identify action steps to create these critical moments in my day.

 Julee Tweh 

 Social Worker 


Working with Kesha has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally. What she offers to her clients is so much more than productivity hacks. She gives to you the gift of knowledge and awareness of choice, the encouragement to choose, and the commitment to walk with you through the mud and the rain.  She empowers others to act and take ownership of living; and she does not believe in giving up.

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