Business Growth Bootcamp

The fastest way to get more clients without losing your mind. Discover how to create a steady stream of your ideal prospects and successfully turn them into paying clients. 

“When riches begin to come, they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years." - Napoleon Hill 

Do you have what you need to succeed in business?

Business Growth Bootcamp

Give yourself and your business the support you need to reach your highest growth yet. Our Business Growth Bootcamp is a 12-month intensive business development program that includes training in marketing, sales, and effective service delivery combined with success mindset coaching.

Are You Too Busy to Grow Your Business?

You are not alone. So many women business owners report feeling overworked, over-scheduled, and overwhelmed. Rather than making our lives easier, the overabundance of technology, communication, and information has made our lives busier and much more stressful. This struggle is even more intense for female solopreneurs who are often balancing growing a business with caring for a family and/or working full-time.

Now it's time to break-up with stress and give yourself and your business the support you deserve. The Business Growth Bootcamp gives you the structure of support you need to move from busy to productive. Productivity means a streamlined process of growing your business more quickly and with the least amount of stress.

“I help women develop systems of productivity that allow them to take consistent, positive action to transform themselves and their businesses. ”

Dr. Kesha Moore President & CEO, Life In Focus Coaching

Get More Leads

Discover how to make sure that your business stands out in a crowded market place. Gain dozens of online and off-line strategies you can use to gain more clients. Learn how to speak the language of your ideal client . 

Improve Sales

Learn how to have authentic, service-oriented conversations that allow you to enroll clients without feeling sleazy or pushy. Discover how to position yourself as a trusted advisor to your ideal client. Develop the skills of selling with relaxed confidence.

Cultivate a Success Mindset

Cultivate the beliefs, attitudes, and habits that lead to success. Train yourself to ignore distractions that prevent you from achieving your business goals. Learn how to silence your inner critic and release your inner champion. Get unstuck and develop a bias towards inspired action.

The Next Level of Results Always Requires the Next Level of Thinking

We're productivity experts and we've developed a system to help you reach you highest level of business success with ease and flow. 

Running a service oriented business is a complicated balancing act; even more so if you're doing it alone. You need to market your business, attract and nurture new clients, and create a name for yourself, all while doing the actual work your clients give you.

Finding new clients is a constant struggle but an important one. It's something you should do on an ongoing basis, even when you're busy. Business Growth Bootcamp was designed to help business owners like you develop the systems that will allow you to attract more clients and grow your business. 

Imagine how far you and your business can go with the right level of support.... 

Create a Pipeline of People You Love to Work With.

Build a client avatar to help you zero in on your target market and how to position yourself as the desired solution for their problem. 

Guide Your Prospects into Paying Clients without Being Sleezy

Establish the skills to connect powerfully with your target market and effectively guide them to becoming clients without resorting to manipulation tactics.

Silence Your Inner Critic and Release Your Inner Champion

Develop the mindset that will allow you to harness your unique strengths, take consistent action, and achieve your desired results. 


They say about our Coaching Services

The process of working with Kesha brought me back to my first passion. It helped me get clear on my business model and distinguish myself in the marketplace.

Donna Anderson

Baking with Love

​​​​Get started with growing your business today!

It's time to break old habits that have been limiting your business success. Information alone is not enough; you will also need a system of accountability. Business Growth Bootcamp is the quickest and most effective way to grow your business because it combines cutting-edge training in business development with powerful coaching to make sure you not only learn the best way to grow your business....but that you actually do it.

Training in Business Growth Strategies

Learning By Doing.

  • check
    12 distinct marketing strategies you can use to gain new clients using internet technology.
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    Offline tactics you can use to expand your brand awareness and attract more clients.

Coaching You to Success

Grow Yourself so You Can Grow Your Business

  • Identify the most important areas to focus on for your business growth.
  • Navigate the continual challenges that threaten your business' growth.
  • Avoid making the same mistakes that have prevented you and other entrepreneurs from success. 

These business owners love working with coach kesha.

Here's why:​​​​

I wanted to move my business forward but I needed assistance. 

I'd attended online courses and webinars, but I missed the one-on-one attention. Originally price was a concern for me in looking for a coach, but now I know that it was totally worth it. Kesha helped me to get clarity on my goals and look at things differently. She uncovered the strength that I have inside me to build a profitable business. Through her encouragement and reassurance, I was able to tackle some of my most difficult and daunting tasks. After each session with Kesha, I felt empowered and propelled forward .

Michelle Alexander

VA Solutions

Kesha helped me to see how I could get the most out of a no. I had an aha moment when she helped me reframe the meaning of hearing no from my prospects. It helped me to not take no personally and not to stop pursuing my goal because I heard no. 


CEO at Incorp

learning only works when you can put what you've learned

into practice to create new, effective habits.

A Word from Your Coach

Hi, I’m Kesha Moore

Growing your profitable, purpose-driven business is not only about increasing your income but also about expanding your impact on the world You have been given a very special gift, a vision for how you can improve the lives of others through your business. This is why I am so committed to helping you. I know that helping your business grow to it's highest level means that more and more people's lives will be positively impacted as a result of engaging with your business.

As a business owner, author, public speaker, and mother, I am familiar with the myriad of competing demands that threaten to steal your focus and starve your business. And I know that to truly help more people, you have to be willing to help yourself. 

Get started growing your business today!

You have two choices. You can continue to be frustrated and overwhelmed, struggling to put all the necessary pieces together. OR you can give yourself and your business the support you need to reach your highest levels of success yet. 




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