Developing Your Personalized Success Plan

Master Course in Creating Your Life of Success

If you are ready to ……
  • Maximize your productivity and impact
  • Eradicate negative stress and replace it with a growing sense of joy
  • Restructure your life, relationships, and activities to be more in line with your life purpose
  • Expand and enhance your connections with yourself and others
  • Create a healthy lifestyle that will keep you looking good and feeling good for years and years
You are in the right place! Enroll today in this 4 week online course to begin connecting with and using your superpower to create the life you desire.

Benefits of an Online Course

  • Learn from the convenience of home
  • Easy to fit into your busy schedule
  • Built in support system for your questions and challenges
  • Easily digestible format
  • Worksheets and exercises to help you individualize and apply your learning

Make Permanent Change

One month from now your life will be permanently improved by working smarter, not harder. You will make significant progress on your goals AND be less stressed while you're doing it.

Let's Achieve Your Goals Together

5 Signs You’re Ready to Permanently Remove to Limits on Your Success

  • Connector.

    You want to maximize your finances

    You know that you are your own Golden Goose and that investing in yourself will reap huge financial returns.

  • Connector.

    You want to eliminate your current level of stress

    You see the damage that stress is causing in your life and you are ready to end that destructive cycle permanently.

  • Connector.

    You want the life of your dreams

    You know that you deserve better than this. You are ready to create a rewarding life that fills you with joy.

  • Connector.

    You crave deeper connections

    You are ready to deepen your relationships and create better connections with yourself and others.

  • Connector.

    You seek health

    You want to create a healthy lifestyle that keeps you looking good and feeling good for years and years.

Be Your Own Model of Success

Creating a successful life requires that you know what success looks like to you and how to get there. There is no true cookie-cutter, one size fits all vision of a successful like. Your version of a successful life will be as unique and colorful as you. This online course provides you with the clarity, motivation, and confidence to transform your life and your world.
In this 4-week interactive course, I introduce you to the FOCUS system. I show how you can use FOCUS to achieve your life goals quicker than you ever imagined, with less stress, and more joy.
In this course you will discover your life purpose and core values. You will use this information to make decisions about how you invest your time, money, and energy. This personal investment strategy will make sure that your life is balanced in all mission critical areas and that you gain sufficient “returns” on your investment.
During this course, you will develop a written 30-day action plan to drive you towards success on what you identify as your most important goal. You will also create personalized success rituals that put your success plan on auto-pilot.
You will also discover the secret to overcoming the obstacles that have hindered your successful goal attainment in the past. Using the FOCUS method, you will learn how to turn these obstacles into stepping stones towards your success.
While we will work on one specific goal during this 4-week course, the principles you learn in the course can easily be applied to other goals you have for yourself. You will quickly gain the develop the skills to create a powerful momentum of positive change in your life.

I’ve Spilled All the Beans

In this course and the accompanying workbooks, I reveal the secrets of the experts in human behavior. You learn how to develop the habits of the people who are in the top levels of productivity, success, and happiness.

Learn the research proven pathway to permanently transform your life.

Discover your life purpose and core values. Use this information to identify your Most Important Goal (MIG). Learn techniques to keep this goal at the forefront of your mind, even during the whirlwind of your busiest day.
Learn how to identify lead and lag measures of your progress towards your goal. Identify the resources to meet your current skills and information gaps.
Learn the three required component of building a new habit. Create a fun and effective way of building your new habits for success into your life. Develop a simple and personalized scorecard to make sure that you will always know whether you are winning.
Learn the science of effective execution. Create strategies to address your most challenging obstacles. Develop a system to support and accountability to sustain your progress. Create a powerful momentum of forward motion to jumpstart your total life transformation.

How Much is Your Happiness, Peace of Mind, and Success Worth to You?

This is ultimately how you will calculate the value of this program. Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It improves your current quality of life and expands your future opportunities. You invest in others, are you willing to invest in yourself?
The cost on acquiring these skills through working individually with a coach for a month approximately $600- $1,800. The cost of enrolling in an on-campus course in neuroscience or positive psychology to learn this research is about $4,000.
I am offering you the opportunity to learn this valuable material from the comfort of your home for only $350.
I want to provide you with the tools for your success in a format that is affordable and convenient.  That is why I developed an online version of this material. I want to make sure that every woman who is ready to transform her life is able.

Will This Program Work for Me?

If you have decided that you are sick & tired of being sick & tired and you are willing to put in the work to create a new lifestyle, I can help you.
I’ve been where you are now. I know what the weight and pressure feels like. I know how badly you want to get out of this rut and create a new life for yourself. But you just don’t know how.
The tools that I will share with you in this program are based on more than 20 years of experience studying human behavior. I’ve used these tools in my own life to create a more balanced and rewarding life. I’ve also used them with my coaching clients.
I know that the program works if you work it.
I am so confident in the effectiveness of the program that I will give you a 30 day money back guarantee. At the end of 30 days, if you are not proud of the success that you have created in your life, I will give you your money back. If you show me your work and tell me you’re not pleased with your success, you will receive a full refund.
If you aren’t proud of yourself and what you have achieved after one month of using the program, email me for a full refund.