Meet Dr. Kesha Moore

I love working as a life coach for women because it combines my greatest passions: productivity, building community, and personal development.Dr. Kesha Moore

Using My Skills in the Service of Others

I bring to my work a fierce desire to be of service to others and the critical thinking of a researcher. I commit myself regularly to scouring the latest research on human behavior to make sure that my clients achieve their best results as quickly as possible.
My experience as an educator helps me to explain complex ideas in ways that can be easily understood, and implemented, by my clients.
I am an expert in helping people achieve goals that they once thought were impossible.
I help my clients to create these surprising victories by tapping into their superpower: their life purpose. My clients and I work together to clarify their life purpose and build new habits that make their journey to success fun and effective.
I share my talents and knowledge in personal development with numerous women through public speaking, interactive workshops, books, online courses and my group coaching programs. Each of these activities engage my love of teaching and learning in the service of my life purpose: improving the world by investing in the lives of others and building communities of love and justice.

My Journey From Stress to Success

When I read back through my journals from previous years, I am surprised at how long I struggled with the same problem. I’d try to ignore it or tell myself that I should be grateful for all the wonderful things in my life, but like a beach ball pushed down under water…it kept resurfacing. I tried going to counseling, and while it helped me process the emotions that were resulting from my problem, traditional therapy did not give me the practical guidance and life strategies that I needed to address my problem.
The harsh reality was that I had been lied to.
I was told that if I just worked hard enough, I would be able to please everyone and would be rewarded with a good and successful life. But I was already working SO hard and my efforts didn’t seem to be appreciated at home or work.
I was stressed out and drained.
My “successful career” required all my time and put strains on my personal and family life. Thoughts of work distracted me during my play time with my kids. Yet I resented work taking so much of my precious family time.
I had a career and family that I loved, so I often felt guilty for being resentful of the demands that they made on me.
I kept telling myself to try harder, but I knew this wasn’t working and that my health, relationships, and my career were in jeopardy.
I’d lay awake at night thinking “is this all there is?”
It wasn’t until I started creating my own tools based on the social science research I was studying that I began to make some serious headway in addressing my problem.
My life became less stressful and more rewarding once I connected with my superpower.
I began to develop practices to discover my life purpose. I then reorganized my activities based on my life purpose. This made everything that I did more meaningful.
As I gained clarity on my purpose and values, I had the energy and commitment to follow through on my goals. Now,  I could give generously of myself to my work, family, and community without the stress and resentment that I’d used to feel.
As used my purpose to supercharge all my activities, I was able to:
  • accomplish my goals faster and more consistently,
  • feel energized throughout my day,
  • eliminate my chronic stress,
  • build more fun and intimacy in my personal relationships, and
  • become more confidence that I could create the life of my dreams.
I realized that I did not have to settle for the façade of my dreams.  I didn’t have to pretend to be grateful, happy, and successful. I actually could experience all those feelings for real!
Once I became free I wanted to help other women like me experience this freedom and joy!
As I took these positive steps forward, I was able to master these skills and solidify my life transformation by working with a life coach. My life coach provided me with the support I needed to eradicate my imbalanced and stressful lifestyle and to create a life of freedom and joy!
Now I focus on helping other women who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and blocked. I help them to eradicate the pressing problems that are limiting their success and to create lives of freedom and joy!
My personal experience with these tools has convinced me that this is too good to keep to myself. I wrote the book Your Life as a Celebration to synthesize the research and share the techniques that were most helpful in producing real life transformation. I know that many women like myself are busy and I wanted to provide a resource that could be used in just 20mins a day that would provide real visible change.  
I’ve also developed a 4-week online master classes on how to achieve a breakthrough in any area of your life. These course provide women with the information, guidance, and practical application of these life transformation techniques. It’s also great that you can learn all of this valuable information from the convenience of your home. 
Finally, I offer a 90-day Platinum Membership Coaching program to guide women through a total (mind, body, and spirit) life transformation process. Through this intensive mentoring program, I provide women with the skills, support, and accountability needed to make a total and permanent change in their life.
I love watching women get clear on their purpose and design lives that affirm their unique contribution to this world and fill them with joy. If you are not experiencing the freedom, peace and joy you desire, commit to change today!

Are You Ready to Replace Your Stress with Joy?

You have a powerful purpose in you that when fully developed will enhance your life and the life of others. Learn how to activate this superpower to create the freedom, success, and joy you deserve.

My Official Biography

“Dreams without a clear plan to get there is like buying a beautiful expensive car that has no wheels. Developing a clear vision of your desired future with a practical step by step plan to get there is essential to cultivating a life of meaning, purpose, and power.”
Dr. Kesha Moore
Kesha Moore, PhD, is a highly praised women’s life coach, speaker, educator, and author of numerous scholarly articles as well as the book “Your Life as a Celebration: Accomplishing your goals with less stress and more joy”.
Dr. Moore is a trained social researcher and therapist who specializes in goal achievement in women’s professional and personal lives.
In her writings and public speaking engagements, Dr. Moore openly shares her of story of the challenges of work-life balance and the practices she used d to transform her life from a stressful treadmill of competing activities to peaceful balanced life that is full of meaning, purpose, and joy.
Dr. Moore’s book, Your Life as a Celebration, synthesizes key findings from social science and neuroscience research into a simple, easy to use formula to achieve personal, career, health and relationship goals faster and with more joy. The book provides research proven, practical strategies to help busy women eliminate toxic stress and achieve their dreams.
Dr. Moore teaches women how this system can be personalized and implemented in just 20 mins a day. Drawing on her research, counseling training, and experience as an educator, Dr. Moore supports her clients through group coaching workshops and seminars to successfully overcome internal and external obstacles to their dreams, harness their power of focus, and implement personalized success rituals so that they can ignite their passions, achieve their dreams, enhance their relationships, promote their health and vitality, and expand their impact on the world.
Dr. Kesha Moore received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania, her MSW from the University of Michigan, and her BA in Cross-Cultural Psychology from Franklin & Marshall College. She also earned her certification in life coaching from the Compass Life Coaching Program.

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